C&N Farmaceutici is located in a private compound, accessible by heavy vehicle, protected by anti-theft system and video-surveillance. The warehouse, with controlled temperature, is 500 sq.m large, has fridge-cells (+2° / +8°) for cool products, a capacity of over 300 pallets and armoured closets for controlled drugs.
Deliveries and supplies are carried through with national and international couriers specialized in pharmaceuticals.


All pharmaceuticals are packed with particular care to  content protection and its correct identification.

To further protect our supplies we put cases in heavy cardboard pall-box and sealed for anti-theft purposes. On demand products are shipped in validated boxes, which ensure both range of temperature along the journey to the customer.

Supplies always travel with a packing list stating batches and expiry dates alongwith the relevant invoice and delivery note.


C&N Farmaceutici s.r.l.

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